About The Book…

As many of you may already know, a book has been written from my blogs. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to feel about it. It makes me nervous and somewhat scared, but I am also filled with hope, hope that it will help someone who needs it. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ve put it God’s hands and He is control.

I have a few things I’d like to address because inquiring minds will want to know. As I’ve said from the very beginning, I never started this writing journey for financial profit or personal gain. Well, I guess I should rephrase that. The only personal gain I’ve ever hoped for through writing is healing. When I first began writing, my days were ok, my nights were dark, lonely, sleepless, and the memories would haunt me. I needed to release them. I didn’t know how. So, I began writing them in a journal, but it was so much that my hand would get tired. So, I began typing it all. One day, I felt God moving me to create a blog. I didn’t understand why and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do so, but I did. It was very healing to me. I never expected that others would find healing in it as well. Many people suggested that I write a book. I was flattered that they believed I could be an author, but laughed at the idea and thought it was silly.

I was approached by Jared Laskey, the co-author of the book. We attended the same church and he and his wife are close friends of mine. He said Javi’s sacrifice and my journey of healing was something that meant a lot to him. He told me that he was proud of me and he felt that the entire story is a testimony of God’s power and goodness. He asked if I would be ok with him helping me turn all of the blogs and the story into a book. I wasn’t sure at first, but I agreed.

Jared was the perfect person to have helped me with this. He is a Marine combat veteran who has struggled with the injuries and memories of war. He has also experienced personal loss and grief. His experience and understanding in these areas gave him the compassion and respect that was needed to put it all together. While Jared did not serve with Javier in the same unit, they served in the same Marine Corps and fought the same war. This gave him a deep sense of honor for Javier’s ultimate sacrifice. Many times throughout this journey, he’s said to me, “I want you to know that this is sacred for me.” I believe him. Most importantly, Jared is a man of God. A non-believer could not ever help me tell my story because my faith and someone’s lack of faith would have been like oil and water on a project which is intended to honor Javier and show the world how real and good God is. Jared is also patient and understanding. Both of those qualities are necessary when working with a strong willed person like myself. I can not thank him enough for his help and dedication to this project.

Many of you may wonder what will be done with the proceeds of this book. I’ve thought a lot about this and prayed about it as well. I never began this journey for money. I’ve always wanted it to be a blessing in all aspects. Over the past five years my children have been blessed by many people, but two organizations have made the most impact on my kids, Snowball Express and A Soldier’s Child. I would like to donate the proceeds to these two organizations.

Snowball Express is the organization that gives the children of the fallen an all expenses paid trip to Texas. Flights, hotel accommodations, food, activities, EVERYTHING is paid for. And as if that wasn’t enough, they send them home with countless gifts. The volunteers love on my kids and their love is the most genuine love we’ve ever received from strangers. They leave me in awe, every year, and my kids leave filled with hope and encouragement.

A Soldier’s Child is an organization that sends birthday presents to the children of the fallen, every year, until they turn eighteen. My kids have been blessed every year by the birthday gifts that are sent to them. Every year, the gifts are wrapped in purple and gold which always reminds them of their papi’s Purple Heart. While the kids miss their dad every day, on their birthday they always miss him a little more because Javier always made a big deal out of their birthdays. Receiving birthday presents from a Soldier’s Child comforts the unspoken ache in their hearts. Those gifts remind them that their father made the ultimate sacrifice and while they are paying the ultimate price, they nor Javier are forgotten by a grateful nation.  The care that is taken into the packaging, wrapping, and the gifts themselves is amazing. My kids love opening the box. While the birthday gifts come from A Soldier’s Child, my kids believe they also sent from heaven because these gifts are the ones that their papi gives them.

It is only right that I pay it forward and donate the proceeds to these two organizations who have done and continue to do so much for my kids and thousands of children around the country who have also had to pay the ultimate price for freedom.

I truly hope that you will consider purchasing the book because I believe, with all of my heart, that it will be a blessing not only to you, but in the process, you will be a blessing to the children of America’s fallen heroes.

Thank you, ALL, so very much for your prayers and support. Without your support and prayers I wouldn’t be where I am today. Please remember that the end of the book is not the end of my story. God is not finished with me yet.


If you are interested, here is the book where the book can be purchased….



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My husband was killed in Afghanistan and living life without him has been a daily challenge. I am figuring it out.
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One Response to About The Book…

  1. Christine Lyons says:

    So very awesome!!! Love seeing how God has worked and continues to work in your life! : )

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